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Lunch & Nutrition

Lunch Supervision Service

Students benefit from having lunch out of the school, in a home.  Leaving the school over the lunch hour gives students an opportunity to relax in a different environment and return to school refreshed and ready to learn.  Lunch supervision service is available to students who are unable to go home.  Qualified lunch personnel supervise students.

Per Child - Prepaid                     $15.64 monthly or $156.40 for 10 months


Milk Program

George H. Luck has a lunch milk program.  Milk passes are available for 20 servings of 250ml cartons.  Milk program information is available in the office.

Pack It In Pack It Out

Students will be participating in this project so parents can be aware of what their child is eating at lunch and to reduce, reuse and recycle at lunch.  Students will bring home uneaten food (either in zip lock bag or a container), and food packaging.  Milk cartons will be recycled at school.