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Lunch & Nutrition

Lunch Supervision Service

All grades 1 - 6 students who stay at school during the lunch hour participate in our lunch time supervision program.  Lunch fees are charged to offset the costs associated with hiring lunch-time supervisors.

The cost of the Lunch Supervision Service will be posted by the end of August. 



Milk Program

George H. Luck lunch milk program has been temporarily suspended.  


Pack It In Pack It Out

Students will be participating in this project so parents can be aware of what their child is eating at lunch and to reduce, reuse and recycle at lunch. Students will bring home uneaten food (either in zip lock bag or a container), and food packaging.  Milk cartons will be recycled at school.


Microwaves and Kettles

We do not have microwaves or kettles available for student use.  Please preheat hot lunches at home and send in thermal containers.