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Regular K-6


George Luck School is committed to creating a strong community for all learners. To this end we will endeavor to make decisions at all times with our vision in mind. Our commitment is to provide quality learning experiences for all students at George H. Luck, enabling them to be successful learners and to contribute to their community. As a staff we commit to coming together each day to share our expertise, to learn from one another and to support each other in our learning and teaching. We will join together to create and work in a professional learning community built on respect, integrity, collaboration, equity, accountibility, caring, and celebrating the joy in our work and the learning of our students.

Students in every grade are engaged, eager, successful learners who are also very active in outreach initiatives contributing significantly to their local and global community. The parent community values education and a strong partnership exists between parents and staff in support of student learning and well being.

Staff are committed to quality teaching supported by embedded, targeted professional learning which enables them to provide exceptional learning opportunities for students. Assessment, Literacy, Numeracy are three areas of focus for staff, enabling them to provide quality programming for all students. 

French as a second language is taught in grades four through six. We have a music specialist for grades one through six. All classrooms are equipped with SmartBoards, document cameras, FM systems to enhance and support teaching and learning.  Extra curricular clubs and experiences for students enrich our school community.